Nepal Photography Portfolio

The Nepal Photography portfolio below shows all the amazing sights, places and the rich culture of Nepal which I experienced during my travels.

Nepal is a landlocked country in Southern Asia, between the Tibet autonomous region of China and India. It contains 8 of the world’s 10 highest peaks, including Mount Everest – the world’s tallest – on the border with Tibet, and Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

In Nepal, Christianity is practised officially by less than 0.5%. Hindu and Buddhist traditions in Nepal go back more than two millennia. Buddha was born in Lumbini, and Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu, is an old and famous Shiva temple of Hindus.

The Nepalese culture is quite interesting as they consider that food and eating are all divine and food should be eaten in a joyful manner. The main diet for Nepalese is Lentils, Rice and Curried vegetable. There are 123 languages spoken as mother tongue including Nepali.

I organised and led a Photo Workshop to Nepal in April 2015. Dean J. Tatooles also participated in this workshop.

From our trekking to the Mount Everest, going to Kasbah, the stunning view on our way to the Mount Everest, taking a look at the Wooden mask, to visiting the temple, Kathmandu.

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