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Private Day Photo Tours

in the Czech Republic

Private Photo Day Tours in the Czech Republic are for an individual or group of individuals who prefer to improve their skills in a particular area. The length and topic of the workshop will vary according to the needs of students. Private photo tours are designed for those in need of a local guide who will lead them to the most photogenic places and has knowledge of local conditions.

Private Photo Day Tours in the Czech Republic are ideal for photographers who prefer the flexibility in travel or who prefer to travel on their own. They want local photo-guides as a resource to help with their specific photographic interest. We will work with you to custom design a tour that suits your interest and need.
Let us know about your preferences, when and how would you like to travel with us. Send us an inquiry and together we will work out an itinerary that suits you best.


  • It allows you to focus on the photography field that interests you.
  • It allows you to design the itinerary for your wishes.
  • Flexible dates. You can travel when you want and as long as you want.
  • Field instructions
  • Daily critique sessions
  • Image adjustments training

Create photographs with impact through on-field experience and post-processing lectures from our highly acclaimed international photographers and local native guides. Select from day tours in the Czech Republic, VIP customized tours or various packages, and scheduled photo workshops and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Breathtaking Adventures

The world is your oyster. Discover the world and unlock your passion in photography by joining the many international photo tours or workshops offered throughout the year in many different locations around the world.
Photo tours and workshops are for photographers of any level of experience: amateurs, hobby, professional who knows how to use their camera but they need to get to the right place in the right time and appreciate the company of local expert photographer. Photo tours may be of various lengths from one day to 10 days or even longer.
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The Waterfall Hengifoss in Iceland, wildlife photography tours, Tim vollmer Photography


Our Private Photo Tours are targeted to you who need time for individual exploration and photographing. We do photograph in the evening, over midnight, or early morning. We are not non stop in the field but everything is done for you to have great photographs. Photographic workshops have a learning structure where you can learn basics about photography, fundamentals of composition, some special photography technique as HDR, timelapse, panorama, but you can learn also about workflow and photo retouching, etc.

Tim Vollmer Photography also specializes in private Photo Day Tours in the Czech Republic for you and your group. We can create a custom photo tour or workshop for you in Southeast Asia, North and south America, and Europe. We have traveled extensively and conducted workshops around the world and are familiar with the best places to go and the best times to go to create amazing images! Let us know where you would like to go and your objectives, and we will do the rest!  Unless we are already booked, we can arrange a private and custom tour on short notice.

Private Photo Day Tours in Prague

Prague photo walks

Highlights: Prague castle, Old Town square, panorama

A hundred spirit Prague is interwoven with legends and myths. The streets are romantically narrow as the times of the kings and knights. The Old Town Square, which is in the central part of the city’s old town, is a photographers’ paradise, with the Old Town Hall on one side and Church of Our Lady Tyn on the other, plus the beautiful St Nicholas Church somewhere in between, providing the perfect backdrop for your holiday photos. Prague Castle, Havel’s Market, Charles Bridge, etc. are other interesting places to visit.

The Charles Bridge in Prague,m wildlife photography tours, Tim vollmer Photography, Photography Tours and workshops, Photo tour 2021, private Photo tour, Photo tours and workshops

Panoramic Prague

The roofs of Prague,m wildlife photography tours, Tim vollmer Photography

Are you early bird-loving morning twilight? This photo walk is for you! We will walk in the area of Petrin hill (mostly walking down the hill) which hides many beautiful spots to be photographed in the tender morning light. We do not miss old timber-framed church, Loreta, Prague Castle, and walk down the royal route to the Charles Bridge.

Mysterious Prague

Small colorful houses in Prague,m wildlife photography tours, Tim vollmer Photography

The Old town of Prague is the subject of many stories and mystery. The facades of buildings reflect the old, exquisite architectural styles. Immerse yourself in its ways and let the stones to tell the story, the story of a city that breathes history. This photo walk is focused on Streetlife and medieval architecture in the city center around Old Town Square.

Prague Night scapes

The Charles Bridge in Prague,m wildlife photography tours, Tim vollmer Photography, Photography Tours and workshops, Photo tour 2021, private Photo tour, Photo tours and workshops

The night is the perfect time when to shoot “manual mode”. This photo walk is designed for all of you who need to learn and/or improve your photography skills of night photography. You will learn about Av, Tv, and M or A, S, M on your camera, about light painting, how to avoid digital noise and get much advice.

Private Photo Day Tours in Czech Republic

Nature gems of East Bohemia Photo Tour

Highlights: rock towers, traditional villages, nature

Some of you have probably heard about LitomyšlAdršpašsko-Teplické Rocks or Rychnov nad Kněžnou.  It is such a beautiful region with various landscapes and a rare number of castles and chateaus, ancient military fortresses, urban conservation areas, and other attractive sights of Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and modern inter-World-War architecture.

bohemian paradise tour

Rural South Moravia Photo Tour

Highlights: landscape, wine cellars, Moravian villages, castle Lednice and Valtice

South Moravia is a charming place for its vineyards and rolling hills. Roaming the countryside is the best opportunity to get a variety of photos filled with different lines, shapes, colors, and patterns. We will visit the Moravian wine cellars where we will taste the local wine and regional meals.

The Lednice-Valtice area is the pearl of South Moravia which is proudly on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This site definitely deserves your attention.

The tour takes a full day or can be divided into two days.

South Moravia Photo Tour

Bohemian Paradise Photo Tour

Highlights: cave, ruin castles, chateaux, rock towers, timber framed houses

Bohemian Paradise is the place full of sandstone rock towns and prospects which you will immediately fall in love with. We will walk through the Mouse Hole in Hruba Skala or Imperial Hall in Prachovske rocksCastle Trosky will follow us on every step.

The Golden Path will lead us through the whole Hruboskalsko along the various ridge of rock town. During our walk we will have views from different perspectives; Mary’s lookout offers the most beautiful view of Dragon rocks and castle Trosky. Silhouette of Trosky will accompany us the whole tour, it will follow us when visiting a small picturesque town Rovensko.

Castle Hruba Skala in the Czech Republic,m wildlife photography tours, Tim vollmer Photography

South Bohemia Photo Tour

Highlights: traditional villages, castles, chateaux

South Bohemia Photo Tour will lead you to the area of thousand fish-ponds is surrounded by beautiful castles and chateaux. Fairy tale castle Cervena Lhota. Chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou reminding the English Tudor architecture. Village Holasovice is known for the rustically out-look. Experience the ambiance of the town of Cesky Krumlov with cafes, taverns, and handicraft shops – the cornucopia of colors lets you click marvelous photos.

Hluboka nad Vltavou

Czech Republic Photo Tour

or on request

Highlights: rock towers, castles, ruins, countryside, traditional villages, nature, landscape

Places: Prague, Bohemian Paradise, South Moravia, and South Bohemia

Czech Republic photo tour of the varied landscape and architectural gems. A small country in the center of Europe has a lot to offer – rolling farm fields, valleys, an enormous number of castles and chateaus, urban conservation areas, and other attractive sights of Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and beautiful folk architecture.

Karlstejn in autumn

Photography Instructors for the Private Photo Day Tours in Czech Republic

Photo of Tim Vollmer, Tim vollmer Photography
Tim Vollmer

Tim has devoted his life to photography. Photography has been his long-held hobby and great passion. Tim has always felt drawn to the power and beauty he finds in nature. Tim has been leading photo trips and workshops in Iceland and many different countries over the years. He has had the world as his workplace. He is Photographing everything from the dramatic landscape in Iceland, to the native people in the remote corners of the world and the culture that is unique to each country. His journeys have taken him around the world in pursuit of memorable travel experiences and the creation of compelling images. His work has been featured in international publications. His images and stories are shared on various internet outlets. As a driven artist, professional, entrepreneur, and adventurer, Tim is eager to share his passion, knowledge in photography, and travel through the trips he designed on his own, or through his partnership with professional photographers from around the globe. Tim and his family lived 11 years in Iceland. Now they are based in the Czech Republic.

Call Tim Vollmer Now : (00420) 732 203 764

Photo of Marketa Kalvachova, Tim vollmer Photography
Marketa Vollmerova

My name is Marketa Kalvachova Vollmerova and I am from the Czech Republic, Europe. I have lived in Iceland for eight years and when I came I was immediately captivated by Iceland’s natural beauty. I focus on photographing landscape and variety of nature themes as details of earth, geothermal features, floating water, ice, high tide, and polar light.

My photographs appear mostly in travel brochures and photographer´s magazines dedicated to Iceland. Image libraries, stock agencies, art buyers, travel, or marketing agencies can license any pictures which are published in my Portfolio.

My PHOTO BLOG contains various posts on various topics. Here you can view collections of photos which belong together with some connecting element, e.g. photo story about Greenland dogs, etc. The pictures are accompanied by short comments. Many pictures do not need any explanation or comment.