Romania Photo Tour

Romania “during fall colors”

Join us for this Romania Autumn Photo Tour, a member of the European Union since 2007. On this photo tour, you will encounter some of the most charming landscapes in Europe and an old and traditional way of living like nowhere else.

Photograph beautiful Romanian castles and cross the Carpathian Mountains for a visit to Transylvania, which is well known for its Dracula stories. Capture fall colors in flowing hills and landscapes, that make this a pristine location for photography.

Not to forget about its rich history. Many things here are still being done the way they have always been done, from agricultural work to transportation.


  • Bucharest. Arrival and welcome.
  • Pestera. The old part of Bucharest, an exploration of the narrow streets. Famous castles. Includes Bran Castle (associated with Dracula)
  • Viscri. Sunrise, head north to mountain town Brasov. Explore cobbled streets, historic buildings, defense walls & towers.
  • Hunter Vip in Reghin. Fortified church in a Transylvanian village. Old heritage. Golden hour wine tasting.
  • Bucovina. Sunrise in the vineyard. Crossing the Carpathian Mountains. Spectacular scenery with valleys and majestic mountains, small farms, haystacks.
  • “Land of the painted monasteries”, UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Maramures region. Crossing the mountains. Fall landscapes. Wooden houses and churches.
  • “Merry Cemetery” in Sapanta with colorfully decorated wooden crosses.
  • Cluj-Napoca. Last fully functional narrow-gauge steam train in Europe.

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Romania Winter Photo Tours

Itinerary of Romania Autumn Photo Tour

Day 1 – Bucharest

Welcome to Romania!  Upon arrival in Bucharest, after hotel check-in, we have our first shoot at the House of Parliament during blue hour. Built by the communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, the House of the Parliament is the second-largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon and offers great opportunities for architectural photography. Dinner in the city will give us an opportunity to sample some of Romania’s Balkan cuisine. Beginn of our Romania Autumn Photo Tour.

Overnight: Bucharest |  Included meals: D.

Day 2 – Pestera

You will start the day with a photo walk in the old town of Bucharest. We will explore the narrow streets with French-style buildings and get to know the older part of this vibrant city. Then we will capture the two most famous castles in Romania. The first one is the royal castle called Peles and is a beautiful Neo-Renaissance building set in a picturesque location and the second one is Bran castle, famous for its association with Dracula, but in reality, a medieval castle tastefully decorated by a Romanian queen in the 1920s. At Peles castle we can photograph inside but not with tripods, it is interesting from both the outside and inside. Bran castle is interesting to photograph from the distance.

Overnight: Pestera |  Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 3 – Pestera

We will have a sunrise shoot in the mountains in one of the most beautiful regions of Romania between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains which are both parts of the Carpathians Mountains chain. With the spectacular colors of nature in fall and we’ll be sure to get some stunning shots! Romania is home for the largest population of bears in Europe so today we will go to an observatory, deep in the forest, to see them in the wild and to photograph them. At the end of the day, we will return to Bran where we will have a shoot with the castle during the blue hour.

Overnight: Pestera |  Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 4 – Viscri

We can start the day with another shoot at the sunrise as today we will leave this region and head north to other destinations of our tour. Then we will have a photo walk in Brasov, a charming town laid between mountains. We will explore the cobbled streets of the old town with its German and Romanian quarters and we will photograph the old historic buildings and defensive walls and towers. Prepare to make a serious step back in time as in the afternoon we will take a horse cart and go to a sheepfold. There we will see how shepherds live, how they take care of the sheep, and how they prepare the milk products. If we are lucky we might also see how they milk the sheep.

Overnight: Viscri | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 5 – Hunter Vip in Reghin

We will have a sunrise shoot in the village of Viscri and then we will visit the beautiful fortified church of the village. As the sun rises the village wakes up to life and the streets bustle with cows going to pastures and villagers heading to the milk collection center to give the milk they’ve just milked from their cows. This is one of the busiest times of the day in the village and truly fascinating to see. The village was populated for 800 years by the thriving German-Saxon population of Transylvania and the rich heritage left behind when they moved back to Germany is worth having a look at. We will explore the streets with German-style colorful houses and we will go to a blacksmith to see him working the steel. Dinner and wine tasting at the winery set up in a wonderful hilly region. We will be in the winery at the time of the golden hour so if the light conditions are good we can also capture some very good pictures.

Overnight: Reghin | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 6 – Bucovina

We will wake up early in the morning to be back at the vineyard and capture the warm light of the sunrise. Then we will head to the next region of our tour: Bucovina. On our way, we need to cross the Carpathian Mountains through Tihuta Pass and once we leave behind the forest, a spectacular scenery lays in front of us with valleys and majestic mountains and small farms with haystacks in their yards. The traditional painting of eggs is an appreciated craft, especially here in Bucovina, so in the afternoon we will visit a lady who paints eggs, learn about the tradition and photograph her at work. It’s a good opportunity to learn about the local culture and for people photography.

Overnight: Bucovina | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 7 – Bucovina

In the early morning, we will have a sunrise shot. We will photograph the countryside where the fall landscape is enriched with small wooden cottages where villagers keep their hay. Bucovina is known as “the land of the painted monasteries” so today we will visit some of its beautiful monasteries which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage. We will start with the Sucevita monastery, featuring a large number and well-preserved frescoes and being surrounded by a high stone wall. From the hill nearby we will be able to shot some nice pictures with the monastery and its walls. Then we will visit the Voronet monastery, which is the most famous of all monasteries from Bucovina due to its blue paintings. The composition of the paint continues to remain a mystery even now, more than 500 years after the church was built

Overnight: Bucovina | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 8 – Maramures region

Today on our Romania Autumn Photo Tour we will leave Bucovina behind and we will head west to the Maramures region. We will cross one more time the mountains, this time through Prislop Pass, so we will have more opportunities to photograph the fall landscape with trees in shades of red, brown, and yellow. After we enter the Maramures region we will go straight to one of its specific wooden churches, also included in the UNESCO World Heritage. People from Maramures used to have a lot of wood as raw material as the region is surrounded by dense forests. Therefore, they used the wood to build houses and churches and they became skillful in the art of wood, gates, and objects beautifully sculpted decorating now their homes. The church is placed in a cemetery and with good light can make very interesting compositions.

Overnight: Maramures region | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 9 – Maramures region

We will start the morning with a visit to Barsana, a wooden monastic complex from Maramures where we will have spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and its specific wooden buildings. So we can learn more about the art of wood in Barsana we will visit a local woodcarver and photograph him and his workshop. Next stop on our tour is at the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, which is probably the only “happy” cemetery in the world as the crosses are decorated with vivid colors and funny poems about the life of the deceased. After visiting the cemetery we will head to the workshop of the man that makes the crosses from the cemetery. In the afternoon we will go to a brandy distillery so we can see how the locals prepare the “palinka”, a strong local brandy which doesn’t miss from locals’ table at a feast or important event.

Overnight: Maramures region | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 10 – Cluj-Napoca

On our last day in Maramures, we will travel to Viseu where we will photograph one of the last fully functional narrow-gauge steam trains in Europe. If we are lucky we will see 2 or 3 trains passing by so we can change locations as travel through the valley, next to the river and surrounded by forested mountains. Then we will travel to Cluj-Napoca, located in the region of Transylvania, where we will have a walk through the old center so we can get a feel for the place and see its beautiful architecture. The day ends with a blue hour session in the city center…

Overnight: Cluj-Napoca | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 11 – going home

You will be transferred to the airport so you can catch your flight back home. End of our Romania Autumn Photo Tour.

Included meals: B.

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October 17 – 27, 2020


11 Days / 10 nights

Photographic themes:

Landscape, people, nature, wildlife, culture





Hunter Vip



Mamures region


  • All meals described into the tour itinerary
  • 10 nights Accommodation
  • All transfers with 9 seater minivan
  • Entrance tickets to tourist sites & activities mentioned in the itinerary
  • Private airport-hotel transfers
  • Professional photographer guidance

Not included:

  • International flights to Bucharest
  • International flights from Cluj
  • Optional tours
  • Drinks/sodas
  • Tips and Travel Insurance

Getting there:

You will organize your own travel to Bucharest and from Cluj-Napoca.

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Romania Autumn Photo Tour

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