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Yamal Photo Tour

Itinerary of the Yamal Photo Tour

Day 1 – Acquaintance with Nenets nomads

Begin of our Yamal Photo tour. At 8 a.m. meeting at the airport of Salekhard. Set out for Yamal Tundra in order to reach reindeer herders nomad camp, area of Landiq’yato lake and Yenzor Yaha river, Yamal peninsula (TREKOL snow and swamp-going vehicle and snowmobile, way-time approx. 7-9 hours, subject to weather and road condition). Depending on the weather and road conditions, there can be chosen the alternate destination to the Nenets nomads camp in
Panaevskaya tundra, on the right bank of Ob river. Lunch (lunch box) en route. Evening arrival to Chum, meeting with the family. Dinner in Chum (incl.national cuisine). Meals included: lunch, dinner
Accommodation: chum (traditional Nenets dwelling)

Day 2 – Ice-fishing

After breakfast ice-fishing. Setting or check-up of fishing nets with driving to the lake/river. Reindeer herder uses any opportunity to catch fresh fish for his family, as he knows which river or a lake is full of fish. As soon as a new nomad camp is set near such location, they take their nets and ready for the catch. But it is not as easy as it may seem. You need to cut through one-meter thick ice to set the net, yes, you have to work hard to catch the fish. Guests can attend traditional fishing or try fishing with the rod and line if there is one in the nomads’ camp. Woodcutting, ice chopping, and other everyday activities of Nenets nomads. Lunch, dinner (incl. national cuisine), night in Chum.
OPTIONALLY (to be confirmed by reindeer herders and to be additionally paid): the evening devoted to customs and traditions of indigenous people.
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: chum (traditional Nenets dwelling)

Day 3 – Visiting reindeer herd. Optionally – migrating along the tundra

Today during our Yamal Photo tour. After breakfast set out for the main herd on snowmobiles or reindeer sleigh. Slow deep dive into the world of a Nenets reindeer herder, i.e. in the world of His Reindeers. Here is the whole life of a human is devoted to the pace of Reindeer’s life… Every day despite the weather, they entrap Reindeers. For this purpose, they set corral of the sledge, made in the morning at the herd coming. The thud of hooves as a wake-up clock. Sleds are forming a semicircle, tied with a rope. First reindeers come into this corral, then they are caught and taken for gear up. Men leave the corral stepping over the rope, but women go under it. Involvement into reindeers lassoing, sleigh riding, reindeers’ bread feeding, taking pictures.
Lunch, dinner (incl. national cuisine), night in Chum.

OPTIONALLY (to be additionally paid): migration – moving of the whole nomad camp to a new place in the tundra. All chums are being dismantled and loaded to sleds with the whole stuff. Nenets people get together the whole herd, harness reindeer to sleds and move to a new location many kilometers far from the previous one. They set up chums at a new place and set up housekeeping. Migrating along tundra is an essential part of the life of these nomadic people, who move hundreds of kilometers to the north and back every year. Dismantling, setting-up, and migration usually takes the whole day. There is an opportunity to take pictures of the whole process. Participants can drive in TREKOLs (not to be paid separately) or by specially prepared for them Nartas (sleds) hitched to the horses (to be additionally paid by such person who uses Nartas).
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: chum (traditional Nenets dwelling)

Day 4 – Participation in Nenets life

After breakfast getting acquainted with the everyday life of Yamal chum-keeper. It is women who build a house for the whole family. To build a house is to curry, adapt, foul reindeer coat with smoke than to sew Niuk, cover for Chum. Women are also in charge of sewing dresses and footwear for the whole family. In terms of -40c, it is very important to make warm and comfortable Malitsa (reindeer parka) for men and Yagushka for women. Masterclasses on the treatment of reindeer skins, bead weaving, making special natural ropes of reindeer veins or sewing and fitting of national dress, taking pictures. Evening conversation around the fire about culture and religion.
Lunch, dinner (incl.national cuisine), night in chum.
OPTIONALLY (to be additionally paid): ritual reindeer slaughter ceremony (You can take meat with you) or traditional hare/quail hunting.
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: chum (traditional Nenets dwelling)

Day 5 – Participation in Nenets life and return to Salekhard

Breakfast. Transfer from the hotel in Saklekhard to the airport (by minivan)
Meals included: breakfast

Day 6 – The flight back

End of the Yamal Photo tour.

To take withyou for the Yamal Photo tour:

  • very warm winter feather coat with a wind stopper
  • wear sets up to the weather (warm wool socks, cotton socks, wool sweater, thermal underwear, warm winter jacket)
  • warm boots, warm and waterproof high boots
  • buff / balaclava
  • sleeping bag for -5/-10 degrees Celsius comfort temperature (can be minus 5 in the morning in chum)
  • inflating tourist mattress
  • personal hygiene products (incl. towel, hygiene tissues, soap)
  • the minimum set of favorite snacks and drinks (nowhere to buy)
  • personal medical kit (analgesics, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, intestinal, multivitamins, court, plaster, your personal medications)
  • thermos
  • gifts to locals
  • sunglasses (alpine skiing glasses)
  • sun and wind protection
  • head torch
  • cameras, spare batteries, tripod

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February – April, 2021


6 Days / 5 nights

Photographic themes:

Landscape, winter scenes, people, nature, wildlife, ice


Yamal tundra,

area of Landik’yato lake,

Yenzor Yakha river,

Yamal peninsula


  • transfers as per program (minibus)
  • transport services (TREKOL snow and swamp vehicle available for 5 days, snowmobiles)
  • accommodation (in comfortable twin/double rooms)
  • accommodation in nomads camp
  • three meals daily in a Chum (incl. national cuisine) and full board in Salekhard
  • permits for entering the border area
  • experienced local driver (s)
  • guide (English- and Russian-speaking)
  • all program activities and workshops
  • photo and video shooting
  • visa support
  • Professional photographer guidance

Not included:

  • International flights to/from Salekhard
  • Optional tours
  • Drinks/sodas
  • Tips and Travel Insurance
  • medical travel insurance
  • ritual reindeer slaughtering
  • migrating with nomad’s camp across the tundra
  • hiring snowmobile and other additional reindeer herders’ services (marked as optional in the program)
  • single supplement

Getting there:

You will organize your own travel to and from Salekhard.

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Yamal Photo Tour

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