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Here are a few of the questions that our guests ask.

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  • How many guests are on a tour?

  • What is the average age of guests?

  • What photography skills do I need to join a tour?

  • Who is the typical guest that travels on your tours?

  • Why are tours called “Invitational”?

  • Are non-photographing spouses welcome?

  • What types of accommodations do you provide on the tours?

  • Are meals included in the tours?

  • How quickly do your tours sell out?

  • How do I book a tour?

  • What is your mailing address?

How many guests are on a tour?


Typically, the group size varies between 4 and 12 with at least one instructor for every six people, based on the location. The group sizes are kept small so that photography can take place without any interference. Also, transportation facilities can be arranged if the group size is large or if there are large bags and equipment that would have to be carried. If you are touring in Africa, there will only be 3 people in a safari vehicle to ensure comfort and space. Usually, for tours that are focused on photography, the group size will be kept small.

What is the average age of guests?


We cater to the travel requirements of people ranging from 25 to 75 years. Generally, there are no children or teenagers present in our tour. However, we have had people below 25 years who have a deep interest in photography. As you know, maturity and patience is highly essential to be a part of our photo tours. You can always reach out to us with your travel needs and we will try to accommodate your needs based on the intended destination and activities.

What photography skills do I need to join a tour?


All that you need is a deep passion and interest in photography to be a part of our tour. Your skill levels can be intermediate or advanced. You would learn and improve on your photography skills from Dan as he will personally share his knowledge. You can always ask questions based on your personal needs and the type of camera and other equipment you carry. Classroom workshops generally do not work as the skill set of individuals would vary greatly. Hence, there is no much emphasis on classroom learning and instead, we will try to teach you more in the field. Dan is highly interested in photography and is always updated about the new technologies.

Who is the typical guest that travels on your tours?


Most of the guests that are a part of our tours belong to the working class. There are also couples and singles traveling with us. While there might be some couples, some people come with their friends while a few also come alone. It does not actually matter, as you will start feeling comfortable.

The guests to our tours are mainly referred by tourists who have previously traveled with us. So, we know most of the guests who are traveling with us and if not, they become a part of our family soon enough! With a warm and welcoming bunch of travelers who are interested in photography and socializing, you will definitely feel in place within a short time.

Why are tours called “Invitational”?


Tim Vollmer are familiar with most of the tourists. The idea is to have a group of like-minded people on a trip so that they blend with each other easily and have a great rapport. This way, wildlife exploration and photography becomes a great experience. However, if you do not seem to be in sync with the rest of the travelers, we will decide to not involve you in any upcoming tours, as it would spoil the fun of an entire group or might make them feel uncomfortable. Due to the stringent screening process that we follow guests greatly appreciate it and love traveling with us. Our motto is to make the guests feel comfortable and make it a memorable vacation for them!

Are non-photographing spouses welcome?


Definitely yes! When you read a tour description, you will get to know if it is a good trip for photographing couples or otherwise. As most of our destinations are in amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery, couples usually enjoy it irrespective of whether they have a passion towards photography or not.

What types of accommodations do you provide on the tours?


The accommodation and its types are dependent on the location. We try to offer medium to high end accommodations wherever it is available. Our aim is to make your stay comfortable and memorable. As the tours are in small groups, we accommodate our guests in boutique hotels most of the time. However, in remote locations where photography opportunities are awesome, there might be lack of quality accommodations. We will inform you regarding this in advance and you can research about the accommodations we offer before you book a tour with us, so that you are not steered away from your expectations. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we strive to provide you with the best quality accommodations.

Are meals included in the tours?


Generally, our tours are inclusive of all meals. If in case it is not, it will be mentioned in the itinerary. If meals are not a part of the itinerary, you can explore and look for places to dine at. However, there will be complimentary drinks or goodie bags as a part of the tour.

How quickly do your tours sell out?


Our tours get sold out up to a year before the scheduled date. Hence, we recommend that you book your tour with us at the earliest to avoid any type of inconvenience.




Each deposit, regardless of amount, is non-refundable.

Any cancellation of a confirmed booking  with full payment must be done in writing. Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

49 days or more prior to departure: a handling fee of 75 EUR.

29 days to 48 days prior to departure: 50% of the total confirmed tour price

15 days to 28 days prior to departure: 70% of the total confirmed tour price

Booking forms


we will send you when you book over my site.

How do I book a tour?


You can book a tour by simply clicking on “Book Now” on the tour you are interested in. Once you fill in your details, Tim will get in touch with you regarding the deposit and payment, subject to availability. You will also have to fill in a photo tour booking form if you are booking with us for the first time, as we will need the information to be passed on to operators, so that you have a comfortable and hassle-free trip!

What is our mailing address?


Tim Vollmer Photography
Lucni 118

26701 Kraluv Dvur

Czech Republic

If you don’t see the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.