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Tim and I are partners for Icelandic and Kenya photo workshops. I can attest to Tim’s expertise and dedication to his craft. He is fun to be around and a great host. I am glad to call Tim a good friend! Come and travel with us!

Dean J. Tatooles

Tim is a supremely talented photographer who produces dramatic imagery.

John Fowler

Tim is very strong,experienced and dedicated manager.

Haji Mbwela

Tim is highly recommended. Any company would be lucky to have a leader with such vision and skill.

Ian Nicholson

Tim is the definition of tech-savvy, always knowing the current trends and latest technologies to help your business.

Tom Andreassen

Tim’s creativity and outstanding camera work is an inspiration to all photographers. A true defender of the craft.

Craig Blank

Tim’s nature and wildlife photography is very dynamic. Every time I look at his images I want to visit those places. He keeps documenting fragile nature before it will be changed or gone.

Masayuki Asayama

I am very happy to recommend Tim and his work. His landscape photography is simply beautiful. Tim’s appreciation of light, composition and his ability to capture the moment is exquisite; with the results on his site speak for themselves.

Tim Bilsborough

Tim is a super-connector. If you want to meet someone amazing, look no further.

Cristovao Pereira Martins

Tim is unfazed by challenges. Always prepared to take on anything encountered.

Chuck Bruton

If you ever wonder about the beauties of Iceland, the first place you should look is at the beautiful photographic landscapes of Tim Vollmer.

Jean Booth

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Tim is an internationally renown photographer. He is by far the best known photographer of Iceland (particularly the wildlife and natural environment of Iceland).

Ingrid Cattley

Tim is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration.

Delma Godoy

Tim is very smart, driven, and knows social media inside out. Great energy to be around.

David J DeCenzo

Tim is a natural leader.

Manik Photographe II

Tim is an adventures person who sees opportunity in every area of photography and it business. I n the course our discussion on photography he gave me an insight like we are close. I will not hesitate to recommend him.

Kunle ogunfuyi

Tim’s work is outstanding!!

Mary Loomis Glynn

Tim Vollmer is one of best photographers of the world!!

Saikat Nag

Tim is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration.

Heather Waller-Rivet

Tim is an outstanding photographer! A master at capturing and sharing the world through his eyes!

Ellie Caputo

Talented Photographer always engaging!

Penelope Beveridge

Tim Vollmer’s work is obviously professional. It is the type of photography I can view over and over and still be amazed.

Dennis Chamberlain

Tim has touched and inspired more people around the world than he can know. His photography tells beautiful stories.

Karen Kate

Tim is an excellent photographer………..he is an inpiration for photographers who are starting (like me)

Lina Marcela Cardenas

Not only did Tim produce some stunning photographs, he did it in a very professional and unobtrusive manner.

Essam Abu Awad

Tim spots trends and comes up with cutting edge ideas. Very innovative.

Tim Buchanan

Tim is a dedicated professional committed to excellence in photography. A real go-getter.

Don Hall

Tim is a photographer of exceptional quality.

Sid liateni

If I were forming a team, Tim would be at the top of my list of people I would want to hire.

Penelope Nicholls

Tim blends creativity and innovation with an amazing eye for photography. Truly beautiful work.

Tricia Cox

Tim has a great eye, a real feel for light and shadow, and a knack for getting that “special” shot.

Rocky Kirschner

Tim Vollmer has in all areas been a professional partner for us, and we recommend him to anyone who needs a good photographer, assistance with photography, guide or leader of a workshop.

Mads Nordlund

His work is outstanding!

Victor Tinney

I have never used Tim, but I can say his photography is wonderful, and he is very talented. He has shown the places he travels in the most beautiful of light.

Sharon Hahn

Tim is exceptional. There are few people who can keep up with the level of performance.

David Davis

Tim always has a positive attitude. Brings a refreshing energy to any situation.

Aniel Kuumar Bhalla

Tim has a viewpoint and style ideally suited to the unique settings he photographs. His images give an intimate view into his subjects, whether they be people, birds, or anything in-between.

Rick Brown

I have been a fan of Tim’s for a couple of years now. If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime and you happen to enjoy photography…you should really go on one of his photography tours. I so look forward to the day that I get to experience one myself!

Lisa Ann Krutzik

Tim has everything, he has the knowledge, the eye, the patience, he is an amazing photographer, one of the best I know. A great person and professional photographer. Highly recommended he is just amazing.

Elizabeth Halloran

Tim is a knowledgeable and dedicated photographer and instructor working in a very beautiful part of the world.

Mike Shipman

Excellent photographer and instructor.

Matthew Davies

Tim is a wonderful photographer and a professional business person. His ethics and his commitment to excellence are front and centre in all of his dealings. I would highly recommend Tim to any company.

testimonials, Testimonials
David Hemmings

There are moments of light when the story is without words. The images talks a different language only know to a few that travel to record Iceland or see Tim’s world through his lens. There is a subtle view that only comes to someone with a gift of patience and knows where and when to reveal light. Some secrets of light are better kept to ones self. Tim will tell when he is ready; I will be ready, maybe someday travel to Iceland and find a few of my own. Tim has a gift of vision, to believe just open your eyes, maybe a few tears of joy will be enough.

Stephen Benzon

Tim is the photographer you are looking for.

“Juan Pablo Blanco” is locked Juan Pablo Blanco

Tim is the type of person who makes hard work seem easy. Gets results with ease. Amazing.

Juergen Berthold

Tim has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating. A real think-outside-the-box kind of person.

Yves Choquette

Tim is an example of true leadership in action; not seeking merely gain followers, but also working hard to cultivate other leaders.

Aniel Kuumar Bhalla

Tim is a constant source of new ideas. Creative, passionate, and fun to be around.

Peter Schneider

Tim Vollmer is a gifted photographer and artist whose work has earned my admiration.

Victor Englebert

Tim was great to work with and extremely helpful.

If I were to conduct a workshop again in Iceland I would ask Tim to assist in a heartbeat.

testimonials, Testimonials
Art Wolfe

Tim always manages to find the spectacular image & portray beautifully.

Keith Lugg

I have known Tim for few years now,I find him to be a highly professional and friendly individual and his photography speaks for itself.

Mohamad Itani

Tim Vollmer is a talented, creative, and enthusiastic photographer. He combines a strong creative vision with dedicated professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend him and the way he expresses himself in relation to his practice and ethics within photography.

Nada Donati

Tim is a great photographer specialized in Icelandic photo and photo tours, with a great eye for details and landscape

Mia Johansson

A most talented photographer.

Dawn Moonan

Tim is the definition of performance. Someone who always gets the job done.

Leticia Santiesteban

Tim is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast.

Coral Grogg

Tim is top notch professional photographer whose works include Iceland’s extraordinary landscapes.

Bora Baysal

We fully support Tim and his ongoing teachings. Tim is a very creative photographer with a strong passion in the arts. He is a seasoned professional and remains humble and open to ideas and suggestions of his peers. Our hats off to Tim and his business – he’s doing all the right things.

Bill Bailey

Super work ethics and great leadership!

Alexsphoto Net

Great photographer and workshop leader – look forward to working with you Tim!

Jim Caldwell

Amazing talented photographer. Breathtaking images. Highly recommended.

SillyTia Issy Rodriguez

I had a pleasure to work with Tim in winter when I visited Iceland with one of my clients. We were touring the island for ten days and Tim proved to be an excellent guide who know all photographic locations and times to be there. With his help we captured Northern lights at their best and one of my images was chosen as a travel photo of the week by National Geographic. Beside all this Tim is a good company, with a good sense of humor and is very reliable. Looking forward to work with him again in the future!

testimonials, Testimonials
Luka Esenko

Tim has a terrific eye, and creates memorable photographs ranging from the serenely beautiful to in-your-face stunning. Moreover, he is always gracious and generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Jack Johnson

Tim is more than just a great photographer, he is a personable and easy to get along with person. I’ve enjoyed our working together in the photography-tourism business and look forward to a long and productive relationship. His expertise as a photographer is matched by his expertise as a guide and coach for his clients. I would recommend Tim in a heart-beat!

testimonials, Testimonials
Anthony Boccaccio

As a long time trainer and photographer it’s easy for me to recognize the passion and dedication it takes to be an inspirational educator and creative photographer…Tim has these qualities in abundance.

Ric Kasnoff

The way to succes is Connecting Networks, and Good for all Business’s.

Jaibem DigitalPhoto

What a great explorer and photographer.. i like to say to everyone that Tim knows how to open paths to beauty of our world!!

Pierre-jean Cherret

Tim is a detail-oriented photographer who watches carefully the equilibrium between style, concept value and technical quality in a way that very few photographers do today.

Alfonso Gutierrez

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