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Tim Vollmer Team is a group of expert and seasoned photographers who have a vast knowledge of landscape and nature photography.

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Tim Vollmer

Tim has devoted his life to photography. Photography has been his long-held hobby and great passion. Tim has always felt drawn to the power and beauty he finds in nature. Tim has been leading photo tours and photo workshops in Iceland and many different countries over the years. He has had the world as his workplace. He is Photographing everything from the dramatic landscape in Iceland, to the native people in the remote corners of the world and the culture that is unique to each country. His journeys have taken him around the world in pursuit of memorable travel experiences and the creation of compelling images. His work has been featured in international publications. His images and stories are shared on various internet outlets. As a driven artist, professional, entrepreneur and an adventurer, Tim is eager to share his passion, knowledge in photography and travel through the tours he designed on his own, or through his partnership with professional photographers from around the globe. Tim and his family lived 11 years in Iceland. Now they are based in the Czech Republic.

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Marketa Vollmerova


Marketa (Kalvachova) Vollmerova is a professional photographer and a precious part of our team. She is originally from the Czech Republic, Europe. She lived in Iceland for eight years where she completely fell in love with Icelandic nature. She is interested in capturing the variety of nature themes as details of the earth, geothermal features, floating water, ice, high tide, and polar light. Her photographs appear mostly in travel brochures and photographer´s magazines dedicated to Iceland. Image libraries, stock agencies, art buyers, travel or marketing agencies can license any pictures which are published in her Portfolio.

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Chris is an educator, author, and traveler, taking photographers to stunning places like Greenland, the Himalayas or the frozen depths of Lake Baikal. He is a photographic mythbuster. If he’s not on assignment, he fights photo voodoo and quackery. Chris is all about making you a better photographer with his international tours and seminars, and his free weekly shows Tips from the Top Floor and Happy Shooting. Regular guest on WRINT (Germany) and on the US-wide syndicated Tech Guy radio show with Leo Laporte.

Paolo De Faveri’s Italian and European Landscapes is the online photo portfolio of the landscape, nature and architecture freelance photographer Paolo De Faveri.
Paolo is aimed to produce appealing images with stunning natural and man-made sceneries as a subject, and the website showcases a professional selection of his works, taken in some of the best and worldwide renowned places of ItalyFrance, and other European countries, displayed and organized within thematic galleries.
Paolo’s photographs have been extensively published on a large variety of media such as tourism advertising brochuresmagazinescalendarsbookshome decor, and wall art reproductions.

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Tim Vollmer has a large range of landscape photographs in his stock from different countries worldwide, especially Iceland. These photographs can be used in travel magazines, books, souvenirs or any kind of promotional material.

Tim Vollmer provides architectural photography service for any location in Iceland to photograph interiors or exteriors. Each photo session suits to client’s requirements. Virtual tours of real estates are also possible

Tim Vollmers offers Tailor-made photo service for a local business specializing in leisure and tourism – tour operators, hotels, Guesthouses, horseback riding, hiking, adventure sports etc.

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Tim Vollmer’s team is organizing photographic tours for small groups. The tours are held worldwide to different corners of the globe.

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Interviews with Tim Vollmer about photography in magazines or websites and one Overview where his images got published.


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